[libav-tools] skip blackframes?

Thor thor918 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 14:52:51 CEST 2018


I have 2600 still images that contains about 300images that are
blacks(lights out). I want to skip those and create a timelaps movie.

This is my command for making my timelaps. but no mather what I set the
blackframe filter to, it still can't filter out the black parts.

find ./ -name "*-snapshot.jpg" -maxdepth 1 -type f -exec cat {} + | avconv
-f image2pipe -c:v mjpeg -i - -r 25 -map 0 -vf crop=1419:903:270:120 -vf
blackframe=60:70 out2.mov

I can see while the program executes it says

[Parsed_blackframe_0 @ 0x7fffc86d8180] frame:10 pblack:99 pts:10 t:0.400000
type:I last_keyframe:10
[Parsed_blackframe_0 @ 0x7fffc86d8180] frame:11 pblack:99 pts:11 t:0.440000
type:I last_keyframe:11
[Parsed_blackframe_0 @ 0x7fffc86d8180] frame:12 pblack:99 pts:12 t:0.480000
type:I last_keyframe:12
[Parsed_blackframe_0 @ 0x7fffc86d8180] frame:13 pblack:99 pts:13 t:0.520000
type:I last_keyframe:13

Does that mean it skipped those detected frames or do I need to do
something else to not include those in the finished movie?

I'm new to the tool.
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