[libav-tools] Looking for on-the-fly mp3 to ogg conversion...

Nicholas Young nicholas at nicholaswyoung.com
Wed May 25 17:20:28 CEST 2016

Hans -

It's most certainly doable with libav.

But first, what do you mean by "on the fly." Are you reading MP3 files, then streaming OGG via a webserver?

Once I understand that missing piece, I may be able to help further. 


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> Hello Libav Tools colleagues,
> We're looking for a server-side on-the-fly conversion script to convert mp3 files into ogg files. Not 100% sure we can do this with libav.
> WHY I ask... (a bit of Dyslexia Advocacy - all number mentioned are from reputable science papers)
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> Looking forward to your wisdom. Thanks!
> Hans
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