[libav-tools] Capturing and showing desktop with avconv/avplay.

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 20:50:37 CET 2015

> could you please try with the current git or even a release 11 ? 9 is 
> quite old.
Thanks for answering, Luca. For the moment, I can't compile or even 
install a new version (via PPA or something), because, even the 
framerate issue was fixed, there's a big difference with the alternative 
of Gstreamer. I found that this command:

avconv -f x11grab -r 15 -s 1280x1024 -i :0.0 -c:v mpeg4 -b:v 1000k -vf \
"hflip" -vf "scale=640:480" -sws_flags "neighbor" -f avi - | avplay -i -

... uses: avconv 12-14% CPU and avplay 8-10% CPU. Total: +-21% (I tried 
mjpeg, mpeg4, rawvideo, they spend the same). And:

gst-launch-1.0 ximagesrc startx=1280 use-damage=0 \
! video/x-raw,framerate=15/1 \
! videoscale method=0 \
! video/x-raw,width=640,height=360 \
! videoflip method=horizontal-flip \
! ximagesink &

... only uses 2-4% and it does what I need. Maybe it is because it 
doesn't encode-decode video to show it.

Sorry (to libav comunity) not to try with the new version, it is because 
I don't have time to test something... that it is solved for me.

And thanks again!

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