[libav-tools] Repeating one input constantly in an avconv mix

Camil Staps info at camilstaps.nl
Sat Sep 13 15:33:14 CEST 2014

I'm sorry lu, I'm not that used to this kind of things. Could you give me a
small code example or some links with background information that can make
me understand what you mean? But please don't invest too much time in this,
I'm sure you also have something better to do.

Kind regards,

Camil Staps

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Onderwerp: Re: [libav-tools] Repeating one input constantly in an avconv mix

On 11/09/14 23:51, Camil Staps wrote:
> Dear lu,
> Thanks again, I got this installed in a clean test environment now.
> First, to test, I ran "avconv -loop 2 -i in-a.wav output.wav", which
> creates output.wav as playing twice in-a.wav.
> Now I'm running "avconv -loop 2 -i in-a.wav -i in-b.wav -filter_complex
> output.wav" with test files (in-a.wav is shorter). This doesn't do
> different than without -loop; it just plays both input files once (at the
> same start moment), but after the first one ends, it doesn't start again.
> Is this intended behaviour, or just because this is still under
> construction, or am I misunderstanding something again?

It is probably because it is still under development, the workaround
could be to pipe two avconv using a streamable format such as ts or nut
(horrible but working).


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