[libav-tools] Repeating one input constantly in an avconv mix

Camil Staps info at camilstaps.nl
Thu Sep 11 23:51:29 CEST 2014

Dear lu,

Thanks again, I got this installed in a clean test environment now.
First, to test, I ran "avconv -loop 2 -i in-a.wav output.wav", which indeed
creates output.wav as playing twice in-a.wav.
Now I'm running "avconv -loop 2 -i in-a.wav -i in-b.wav -filter_complex amix
output.wav" with test files (in-a.wav is shorter). This doesn't do anything
different than without -loop; it just plays both input files once (at the
same start moment), but after the first one ends, it doesn't start again.

Is this intended behaviour, or just because this is still under
construction, or am I misunderstanding something again?

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards,

Camil Staps

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On 11/09/14 13:05, Camil Staps wrote:
> Thank you for your answer.
> Does this mean this is currently impossible? Do you have an idea what
> someone could use now?

Alexandra =) not Alex


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