[libav-tools] WebM does not play in Firefox any more

Torsten Römer dode at luniks.net
Sun May 4 01:21:19 CEST 2014

I created quite a few WebM videos with avconv and they all used to play 
fine in Firefox and other browsers.

The recent upgrade to kubuntu 14.04 seems to have included a new version 
of avconv, and recently there was a Firefox update to 29.0.
Now WebM videos don't play in Firefox any more, but still play well in 
Chromium and Rekonq, as well as in all video players I have tried.

WebM videos created with the older avconv version still play fine in 
Firefox however.

So normally I would say that it is a Firefox issue but why do WebM 
videos created with the older libav release still play? Anything I can 
try, should I downgrade or try some current snapshot?

The current versions are:
Writing application: Lavf54.20.3
Writing library:     Lavf54.20.3
Writing application: Lavc54.35.0

The older ones are:
Writing application: Lavf53.21.1
Writing library:     Lavf53.21.1
Writing application: Lavc53.35.0


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