[libav-tools] avconv resets sound level to zero.

Torsten Römer dode at luniks.net
Fri Dec 19 02:17:57 CET 2014

Hi Benedict,

> I want to convert .mts files into dnxhd/pcm .MOV-files, but the sound 
> is missing:

I understand you want to use Cinelerra but anyway, I've been editing a 
lot of AVCHD (actually AVCHD 2.0/3D) with AC-3 Stereo sound (and 5.1 
using some workarounds) quite happily with kdenlive. It has a convenient 
feature to transcode AVCHD to DNxHD and I found it much more functional, 
user-friendly and stable than Cinelerra which I think is a usability 

The transcoding profiles of kdenlive simply copy the audio stream and 
for me the resulting DNxHD files worked very well for editing.

> The camcorder uses AVCHD so store the videos on an SD chip and I'm 
> just downloading the *.mts files from the STREAMS directory. When 
> playing it with totem, it has nice clean audio (side remark: Is the 
> .mts-file enough, or does avprobe work better with any of the other 
> files?)
I also used the .MTS from the STREAM directory and I am not aware that 
there are any alternatives.


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