[libav-tools] Problem

Mihamina Rakotomandimby mihamina.rakotomandimby at rktmb.org
Thu Dec 11 11:34:10 CET 2014

On 12/11/2014 01:26 PM, Zeeshan Akhter wrote:
> yum install autoconf automake gcc gcc-c++ git libtool make yasm 
> pkgconfig zlib-devel
> but now when i am enter that command then i face that error
> avconv -i state.mp4  -r 20 -s 480x352 -b 600k  -vcodec libx264 
> out_state.mp4.mp4
> bash: avconv: command not found


You'll have to fetch the source code, build with the desired options, 
and install.

Sources are here: https://www.libav.org/download.html
Within the downloaded archive you'll find what invocation to issue for 

Hope this helped.

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