[libav-tools] Compile error with VS 2008 and libav 10

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Fri Apr 4 10:21:34 CEST 2014

On 2014-03-28 11:34, Borja Pascual wrote:
> I was developing some code with a 2 years old version of libav  and have
> recently updated to v10. I just replaced one for another and substituted
> deprecated functions with the newer ones. Then I found out I couldn't
> compile anymore. The compiler gave me three different errors, located in
> "atltime.h":
> error C3861: '_localtime64_s': identifier not found
> error C3861: 'strftime': identifier not found
> error C3861: '_gmtime64_s': identifier not found
> I compile with Visual Studio 2008. Is there anything well-known which
> could lead to this errors, some compiling settings which changed from
> one version to another? Maybe I'm being less specific than recommendend.
> If so, please let me know.

Yes, you are not specific enough, we would need to see the full compiler 
output of the files that are failing, not just the last lines.

Also, Visual Studio 2013 is very much recommended, as it comes much 
closer to supporting C99.


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