[libav-tools] avconv video cutting: force output video to begin with a keyframe?

Bob Bib bobbibmpn at mail.ru
Sun Apr 7 02:28:42 CEST 2013

Hi Libav users & developers,

I'm currently playing with MPEG-4 video cutting using avconv, e. g.:
$ avconv -i input01.avi -ss 00:00:15 -t 00:01:00 -codec copy output01.avi
$ avconv -ss 00:20:00 -i input02.mp4 -t 00:02:00 -codec copy output02.mp4

Is there an option to force an output video to begin with a keyframe (I‑frame)?

AFAIK, playing a video stream beginning with a P‑frame (or even a B‑frame)
will produce no meaningful output, until it finds a keyframe.

Best wishes, Bob

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