[libav-tools] hello and first question

Anton Khirnov anton at khirnov.net
Fri Apr 5 08:41:49 CEST 2013

On Thu, 04 Apr 2013 17:05:23 +0200, Johannes Hezer <j.hezer at studiorakete.de> wrote:
> Hey libavlist,
> We are on ubuntu 12.04 lts and are missing a feature:
> the -start_number flag
> Is the flag present in libav avconv at all ?
> Or is there an easy way to get it ?
> I once compiled the latest ffmpeg on 10.04 but I am not keen to do that 
> again...
> Would be good to have that flag.
> Or is this a report to the ubuntu maintainers ?

it is present in Libav, but it was added after 0.8 was released. So you just
need to get a newer version.

Anton Khirnov

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