[libav-tools] Libdc1394 and Avconv

AlexDV devra2000 at yahoo.com.au
Fri Nov 16 05:27:39 CET 2012

Hey Everyone,

 From what I have been able to work out, AVCONV should support video 
capture from Libdc1394 device using the libdc1394 command however I can 
not get it to work from the command line.

How do you capture video from a libdc1394 compliant device? Can someone 
give me a command line example?

I have a PointGrey firewire camera which I can use and capture video 
with Coriander (GUI program) however the command line is where I would 
like to process the video feed. (live video encoded straight to MPEG4 
file with a new file created every 5 minutes)

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Alex (Ubuntu Linux 12.10 - 3.5.0-18-generic on x86_64)

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