[libav-tools] How to use libav command to analyse an arbitrary video file?

JIA Pei jp4work at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 14:32:25 CEST 2012

Hi, all:

Actually, I've got 2 naive questions:

1) Is libav able to replace ffmpeg (avcodec + avformat) ?

2) How to use libav command (avconv or some other commands?) to analyse an
arbitray video files?

3) It's convenient for me to encode a video file from multiple .jpg files,
for example:
[code]$ ffmpeg -i %3d.jpg video.mpg[/code]
However, how can I use ffmpeg command (or other commands) to analyse how
many frames in such a .mpg file? It may have something to do with how I
encode (for example, the framerate, etc.), right? But, the default encoding
shouldn't change the number of frames in such a encoded .mpg file, right?

Anyway, can anybody please help how I can analyse a video file ---- how
many frames (better, both audio and video streams) in such a video file?

Best Regards



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