[libav-devel] [PATCH] Revert "decode: copy the output parameters from the last bsf in the chain back to the AVCodecContext"

Luca Barbato lu_zero at gentoo.org
Mon Sep 17 21:18:14 CEST 2018

On 15/09/2018 14:59, James Almer wrote:
> Any suggestion on what to do? The above commit by Anton is four years
> old. Do we make it official in the doxy that extradata is to be
> allocated by the user (using av_malloc() functions) but then ownership
> is passed to libavcodec after an avcodec_open2() call? It would require
> to change how avcodec_close() frees the extradata as well.

I'm not against it. Probably shouldn't cause major problems once it is


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