[libav-devel] Need contractor for an isolated PTS sync issue, $2000 bounty

Mike Orth mike at clubcastlive.com
Thu Nov 12 21:25:17 CET 2015

Whether you can solve this in 15 minutes or a couple hours, we'll pay $2000
USD.  It seems like someone with deeper knowledge could solve this quickly.

My team is looking for someone to contract for an issue with pts & av drift
with a live broadcast (using javacv as the interface into the api).  Video
is h264 transmitted over rtmp.

The issue is that if the upload internet connection drops or doesn't have
enough bandwidth for a given time, then sync problems occur.  Possibly
related to if the video thread takes more processing time than 1/framerate,
or a "gap" in frame number after a drop.  We can pinpoint exactly what
happens and where it breaks down, we just don't have the experience to make
the fix under the hood.

Happy to divulge further information if you're interested. Looking to solve
quickly, hence the large bounty. ..I'm posting here per suggestion from irc



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