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Announce Plain 9 release


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diff --git a/src/download b/src/download
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@@ -205,24 +205,22 @@ and much faster bug fixes such as additional features and security patches.
 <a name="release_9"></a><h2>Libav 9 "plain 9"</h2>
-While <b>9 is not released yet</b>, we already provide you with a
-preview beta release. Please accept this opportunity to test and provide
-us with feedback about your impressions with this release and use our
-new Bugzilla for filing bugs:
+Libav 9 was released on 2013-01-05. Please give us feedback and use use
+our Bugzilla for filing bugs:
 <a href="https://bugzilla.libav.org">https://bugzilla.libav.org/</a>
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.tar.xz">Download XZ tarball</a>  
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.tar.xz.md5">MD5</a>
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.tar.xz.sha1">SHA1</a>
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.tar.xz.asc">PGP signature</a><br />
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.tar.gz">Download gzip tarball</a>  
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.tar.gz.md5">MD5</a>
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.tar.gz.sha1">SHA1</a>
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.tar.gz.asc">PGP signature</a><br />
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.changelog">Changelog</a><br />
-<a href="releases/libav-9_beta3.release">Release Notes</a>
+<a href="releases/libav-9.tar.xz">Download XZ tarball</a>  
+<a href="releases/libav-9.tar.xz.md5">MD5</a>
+<a href="releases/libav-9.tar.xz.sha1">SHA1</a>
+<a href="releases/libav-9.tar.xz.asc">PGP signature</a><br />
+<a href="releases/libav-9.tar.gz">Download gzip tarball</a>  
+<a href="releases/libav-9.tar.gz.md5">MD5</a>
+<a href="releases/libav-9.tar.gz.sha1">SHA1</a>
+<a href="releases/libav-9.tar.gz.asc">PGP signature</a><br />
+<a href="releases/libav-9.changelog">Changelog</a><br />
+<a href="releases/libav-9.release">Release Notes</a>
 <a name="release_0.8"></a><h2>Libav 0.8.4 "Forbidden Fruit"</h2>
diff --git a/src/news b/src/news
index 8f99781..853f450 100644
--- a/src/news
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@@ -1,5 +1,95 @@
+ <h1>News</h1>
+<a name="9final"></a><h3>January 05, 2013</h3>
+After several months spent making sure that a sufficient number of our
+downstreams is ready, we are now pleased to announce the release of Libav 9
+"Plain Nine".
+The first thing to note is that it is indeed 9, not 0.9. With this release, we
+change our versioning scheme to follow our workflow better.  This means that the
+leading zero, present in our previous version numbers, is dropped. Version
+numbers from now on will be in <i>major.minor</i> form, with major releases
+updating the major component and stable releases the minor component.
+A new library arrived in Libav during this development cycle -- its name is
+<b>libavresample</b> and it handles audio conversion and mixing. All
+users are encouraged to use it instead of the old, now deprecated, audio
+conversion API in libavcodec.
+The <b>libpostproc</b> library now resides in a separate tree. It was fully
+independent of the other Libav libraries, not used by any of the tools,
+and saw very little development. For these reasons we have decided that it
+has no place in Libav. A standalone Git tree is available
+at <a href="http://git.videolan.org/?p=libpostproc.git">VideoLAN</a> for
+people wishing to use libpostproc.
+The major versions of the <b>libavcodec</b>, <b>libavformat</b>
+and <b>libavfilter</b> libraries have been bumped, so they are not API
+or ABI compatible with the 0.8 release.
+This release brings a number of significant changes in
+the <b>libavfilter</b> library.  Firstly, all the API dealing with
+filter internals is no longer public. The result is that creating
+user-side filters will not be supported until libavfilter is more
+mature.  Secondly, full audio filtering support is now available along
+with a set of basic audio filters. We hope that their number will soon
+grow significantly.  The avconv transcoding tool has of course been
+extended to handle audio filtering as well.  There were a number of
+other API changes, most importantly the addition of the buffer sink
+public API.
+In the <b>libavcodec</b> library, one of the most notable changes is
+added support for planar audio (i.e. not interleaved). Many decoders and
+encoders, which previously did inefficient (de)interleaving internally,
+now <em>only work with planar audio formats</em>. Libavresample can be used for
+optimized conversion between interleaved and planar formats.
+Of big interest to our Windows users, Libav now supports building with the MSVC
+compiler. Since MSVC does not support C99 features used extensively by Libav,
+this has been accomplished using a <a
+href="https://github.com/libav/c99-to-c89/">converter</a> that turns C99 code
+to C89. See <a href="platform.html#Microsoft-Visual-C_002b_002b">here</a> for
+more detailed documentation on building Libav with MSVC.
+As usual, this release also contains support for some new formats, many
+smaller new features and countless bug fixes. We can highlight Opus
+decoding / encoding through libopus, encoders for Apple ProRes and Ut
+Video, 24-bit FLAC encoding, WMA Lossless and RealAudio Lossless decoders,
+fragmented MOV/MP4 and ISMV (Smooth Streaming) muxers, a large number of RTMP
+improvements and support for cover art in ID3v2, WMA, MP4 and FLAC.
+See the
+<a href="https://git.libav.org/?p=libav.git;a=blob;f=Changelog;h=92098cacd5773f2fbae7b0452afe9f127b74852a;hb=HEAD">Changelog</a>
+file for a list of significant changes.
+You can download the new release, as usual,
+from <a href="download.html#release9">our download page</a>
 <a name="9_beta3"></a><h3>December 21 2012</h3>

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