[libav-bugs] [Bug 943] Stream works with librtmp but not native rtmp

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Fri Feb 3 16:14:55 CET 2017


--- Comment #1 from RiCON <wiiaboo at gmail.com> ---
Not even sure this is the same bug since so much time has passed, but finally
found a way to fix this.

Seems librtmp passes rtmp_swfverify value directly to rtmp_swfurl, while native
rtmp doesn't. So repeating the swf url to -rtmp_swfurl fixed native rtmp not
working with hitbox RTMP streams.

I can't think of a valid reason why rtmp_swfurl shouldn't use the same implicit
value as rtmp_swfverify. It could check if rtmp_swfurl isn't set explicitely
and then repeat rtmp_swfverify to be safe?

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