[libav-bugs] [Bug 895] libav fails to build in debug mode with suncc with symbol reduction enabled

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Sat Oct 3 15:05:10 CEST 2015


--- Comment #1 from Sean McGovern <gseanmcg at gmail.com> ---
Here is the (abbreviated) compiler output when attempting to compile and link

$ gmake V=1 avconv
/opt/solarisstudio12.3/bin/suncc -Llibavcodec -Llibavdevice -Llibavfilter
-Llibavformat -Llibavresample -Llibavutil -Llibswscale -xc
99 -Wl,-M,mapfile -Wl,--as-needed   -o avconv cmdutils.o avconv_opt.o
avconv_filter.o avconv.o   -lavdevice -lavfilter -lavformat -l
avcodec -lavresample -lswscale -lavutil -lsocket -lnsl -lX11 -lm -lbz2 -lz
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
ff_inverse                          libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_interleaved_se_golomb_vlc_code   libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_interleaved_ue_golomb_vlc_code   libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_log2_tab                         libavdevice/libavdevice.so
ff_interleaved_golomb_vlc_len       libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_se_golomb_vlc_code               libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_ue_golomb_vlc_code               libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_sqrt_tab                         libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_interleaved_dirac_golomb_vlc_code libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_golomb_vlc_len                   libavformat/libavformat.so
ff_ue_golomb_len                    libavformat/libavformat.so
ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors
gmake: *** [avconv] Error 2

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