[libav-bugs] [Bug 642] aac encoding: infinitely returning data even if fed 0/empty input

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Thu Feb 20 21:35:25 CET 2014


--- Comment #4 from Thiago Santos <thiagossantos at gmail.com> 2014-02-20 21:35:25 CET ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> (In reply to comment #2)
> > gst-libav will continue pushing (In reply to comment #1)
> > > What is the NULL input exactly? a frame without samples or a NULL pointer?
> > 
> > NULL pointer, linesize = 0
> That's wrong for flushing encoders. The documentation states that a the frame
> pointer itself shall be NULL for flushing delayed audio and not the data[]
> pointer within a valid frame.
> I you think the documentation I quoted above is unclear please make a
> suggestion how we could improve it. It's a little strange that encoders and
> decoders have different semantics for flushing.

Thanks for your input. The interpretation we had of the documentation was
wrong, but it is clear enough and fixing gst-libav made it work. I guess we can
close this as INVALID?

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