[libav-bugs] [Bug 507] suncc can not compile inline asm

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--- Comment #10 from Michael Kostylev <michael.kostylev at gmail.com> 2013-05-14 15:28:25 CEST ---
> So far I can't find a way to detect VIS at runtime...

I was thinking about detecting the cpu model but:
rdpr %%ver,reg is a privileged instruction;
reading OpenBOOT through /dev may require root;
a cpu list needs some maintenance.

I'd suggest to catch SIGILL or any other signal which is raised by an illegal
instruction. Moreover, one could measure the time of the instruction execution
to determine whether VIS is fast or emulated (the Niagara case).

> I guess your patches can go in whether we have detection logic or not?

Yes, but fixing configure or adding --extra-cflags is still needed.

> Especially if it fixes a build failure.

Unfortunately, my patches do not help suncc to emit working code. While the gcc
builds remain untouched, the suncc ones fail a lot of tests (with VIS enabled).
This is not a big surpise though.

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