[libav-bugs] [Bug 469] New: segfault in dsputil_init with gcc 4.8

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Sun Mar 10 00:13:28 CET 2013


           Summary: segfault in dsputil_init with gcc 4.8
           Product: Libav
           Version: 0.8
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: critical
          Priority: Normal
         Component: libavcodec
        AssignedTo: bugzilla at libav.org
        ReportedBy: sebastian-keller at gmx.de

When using a libav built on a recent fedora 19 I'm getting segfaults in
dsputil_init like those reported in
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=695166 .

The problem is that put_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab etc. are accessed with [0][i]
where i goes from 0 to 63 while they are declared as [4][16].

I've asked in the gcc irc channel if the original code was actually broken or
just a nifty hack and the problem was in gcc because I wasn't sure myself. They
said it is indeed wrong in C to access the array after the end like this.

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