[libav-bugs] [Bug 525] Optimize memory management for mp4 muxer

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Martin Storsjö <martin at martin.st> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Martin Storsjö <martin at martin.st> 2013-06-02 01:10:32 CEST ---
The changes in general look useful, thank you! We'd normally prefer to get the
changes split separately (as a series of git patches), but if you don't want to
take the time to do that, we can probably do it as well. What's your real name,
so that we can give proper attribution to you in the git author field, btw?

Storing the capacity of some arrays to avoid reallocing is a nice change, but
it would be better to keep the naming of the capacity variables consistent
between the two.

What's the reason for changing MOV_INDEX_CLUSTER_SIZE?

For the new avio function, Anton suggested that it might be better to add a
function that creates a new AVIOContext from an existing malloced buffer - that
would perhaps be a more generic and hopefully more widely useful function.
Since that's part of the public API, it needs to be discussed properly before
applied. But with that, you'd end up freeing/mallocing the AVIOContext every
now and then. Is that less of a problem with your allocator, since it's just an
allocation of the same size instead of reallocs, perhaps causing less

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