[libav-bugs] [Bug 385] Converting a video to webm (libvpx, libtheora) alters the duration

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--- Comment #4 from Maurizio De Santis <desantis.maurizio at gmail.com> 2012-11-07 13:05:05 CET ---
Ok, the patch solves the problem with this sample :-) 

But: now I am trying with another sample, that is a video generated from an
image with avconv ( avconv -loop 1 -i _2.jpg -t 10 -b 2M _2.flv ). This video
has a duration of exactly 10.00 seconds. When converted to webm (libvp8) (
avconv -i _2.flv -b 2M _2.webm ) it has a duration of 09.96 seconds, while
converted to mp4 (libx264) ( avconv -i _2.flv -b 2M -c:v libx264 _2.mp4 ) it
has a duration of exactly 10.00 seconds.

I have this issue with the master, but not with the 0.8.3, neither with 0.8.4.

I think it is another issue, so maybe I should open another bug?

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