[libav-bugs] [Bug 3] Provide RPM packages for important distributions.

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--- Comment #5 from Sean McGovern <gseanmcg at gmail.com> 2012-05-22 05:57:04 CEST ---
Attached is a first attempt at a .spec file for Fedora 16 Desktop. It has
received only mild testing on a VM I created so please do not hesitate to
suggest modifications. More specifically, it has not been run through 'mock' or
'koji' to check all the required dependancies are listed.

I noticed that the other distro packages we track (Debian and Ubuntu, at the
very least) have individual packages for each of the libraries
(avcodec,avfilter,etc. etc.). My package just splits our install into 3 parts:
the libraries, the tools, and the development stuff. Should we be instead
copying their way? It doesn't seem like it's the "done thing" on RPM distros.

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