[libav-bugs] [Bug 265] smacker audio decode regression

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--- Comment #3 from Franz Brauße <dev at karlchenofhell.org> 2012-03-30 17:07:22 CEST ---



work. The last other changing how *samples++ is stored, breaks the decode.

So, I tried (in the 16-bit-path):
1) *samples++ = pred[0];
2) *samples++ = pred[0] & 0xffff;
3) *samples++ = av_clip_int16(pred[0]);
4) *samples++ = av_clip_uint16(pred[0]);
5) *samples++ = av_clip_uint8(pred[0]);

1) is like 0.7.4 and works nicely
2) is the same as 1), just explicitely written and works as well
3) exhibits the behaviour described above due to it being the code from 0.8
4) sounds a little better, but there is some distortion not present in 1) or 2)
5) much too quiet, same distortions as above (since it is 16-bit data, not

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