[libav-bugs] [Bug 235] FFMPEG Error Execution (DVD Slideshow)

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Thu Feb 23 02:56:37 CET 2012


--- Comment #2 from Justin Ruggles <justin.ruggles at gmail.com> 2012-02-23 02:56:37 CET ---
looks to me like this is a bug in DVD-Slideshow.

at the line:
"ffmpeg -threads "$cores" -i "$tmpdir/audio1.wav" -y -vn -ab "$audio_bitrate"k
-acodec ac3 -vol "100" -ar $audio_sample_rate -ac 6 "$tmpdir/audio1.ac3" >>
"$ffmpeg_out" 2>&1"

By using -ac 6 it's trying to always upmix from whatever the source is to 6
channels, which is not supported for all channel layouts.

Filing a feature request to add more generic upmixing support would be fine,
but this does not appear to be a bug in Libav.

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