[libav-bugs] [Bug 224] Please export url.h and ffurl_register_protocol() function

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--- Comment #7 from Ilya Murav'jov <muravev at yandex.ru> 2012-02-08 17:01:39 CET ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> @Reinhard: I think we very specifically removed this API because we didn't want
> to support the functionality anymore. Therefore, there is no new API to do
> this.

AFAIK, this functionality is used in libav itself and it is the only way to
access i.e. plain files:

#define REGISTER_PROTOCOL(X,x) { \
    extern URLProtocol ff_##x##_protocol; \
    if(CONFIG_##X##_PROTOCOL) ffurl_register_protocol(&ff_##x##_protocol,
sizeof(ff_##x##_protocol)); }

> This has been deprecated for >1 yr, why wasn't this noticed before? It does
> sort of explain the rationale behind us doing this: projects take a lazy
> approach ("oh I'll just hook this protocol in Libav instead of integrating it
> properly"), making traffic essentially one-way. That's not right. The patch, if
> unclean, should be cleaned up and submitted upstream. If the method isn't
> right, that should be fixed. If wholy unsustainable, it shouldn't be used in
> the first place.

Only one function was deprecated, av_register_protocol2(). I thought it was
just forgotten to export ffurl_register_protocol() instead of it. I was wrong,

I really don't understand what is wrong with the method and how to improve it,
please explain it.

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