[libav-api] Missing API av_image_copy_to_buffer()

Yin, Yan yan.yin at intel.com
Sat Sep 21 14:11:13 CEST 2013

Hi Luca,
Thanks for your reply, my comments are inline -

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On 18/09/13 08:12, Yin, Yan wrote:
> Hi, (please let me know if this is not the right mailing list for this 
> topic)

It is, but also devel is fine, just subscribe please.

> I'm trying to switch from FFmpeg to libav for some applications, and 
> find av_image_copy_to_buffer() API doesn't exist in 
> libavutil/imgutils.h anymore.

Anton pointed me to avpicture_layout and looks like av_image_copy_to_buffer does exactly the same, probably the function never existed in libav.
[Yin, Yan] yes, this API exists in FFmpeg but not libav, to port previously FFmpeg-based app to libav-based, I'm expecting the same API exist in libav as well.

> Is there any specific reason underneath?

None specific, that function doesn't seem to add much from avpicture_layout so probably nobody felt the need to move it to libavutil.

> Which new API should I use?

How are you using it currently? Is avpicture_layout for your purposes or you need exactly this?
[Yin, Yan] thanks, I'll check avpicture_layout, it seems promising though I need to create a AVPicture object first .

> Thanks!

No problem.

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