[libav-api] examples

Reuben Sant reuben at imedia.com.mt
Wed Oct 23 16:40:39 CEST 2013


I have a general idea on how to use the FFmpeg tools and recently moved on to use the libav api.

In order to get started, I are trying to use the examples found in ffmpeg doc/examples

Doesn't libav have any examples in its doc? If not, could anyone point us to some, please?

We have managed to adapt the ffmpeg's decoding_encoding.c example, to use libavcodec. The adaptation was quite easy.

However when it comes to libavformat, the functions used by ffmpeg's muxing.c, differ a lot from the ones available in libav. Can anyone suggest a good example or tutorial on how to use libav's libavformat?

Thanks and Regards


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