[libav-api] Front-end of libav

Adam Wilt adam at adamwilt.com
Wed Aug 14 02:32:36 CEST 2013

> I will make the front-end application of Libav for os x, but I didn't understand Libav License.
> I want my app to convert to h.264 or libfaac, so I will compile Libav with "--enable-gpl" and "--enable-nonfree".
> This makes me violates following sentence: 
> "Compile Libav without "--enable-gpl" and without "--enable-nonfree"."
> If I violate it, will I have to be obliged by not LGPL but GPL?

That is correct: your application will have to conform to the terms of the GPL -- or, as you say, you will be obligated by the GPL's terms and conditions.

> Or will I be on a shame list?

If you do NOT live by the terms of the GPL, yes, you will be on the shame list! 

If you live under GPL obligations (to give proper credit, to make the application and its source code freely available, etc.) then there is no shame. 

GPL obligations are very strict, so be sure you understand them and can live with them before you proceed.

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