[libav-api] Strange XVID/Lavc AVI file

Jordon Hofer Jordon.Hofer at daktronics.com
Tue Oct 2 20:39:04 CEST 2012

I work on a project that uses AVI files, primarily XVID.  I have written a library that parses the AVI files to make sure that they are intact and use a supported codec.  If the FourCC is "XVID", it parses into the stream to get the XVID bitstream version.

This morning, I was shown an AVI file that has me a bit confused.  The AVI header identifies it as "xvid", but the stream data does not have the usual "XviD****" for the bitstream version.  Instead, it has "Lavc53.117.0".  There is also a JUNK chunk that says "Lavf52.105.0".

The system that was supposed to play it had problems with it until a newer version of XVID was installed on it.  After that, it plays it back just fine.

What kind of file is this?  Is it a misbaleled XVID file?  Or is it a valid XVID that uses some lesser-known encoding scheme?


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