[libav-api] Another basic questions about h264 decoding.

Evgeny Yakimov john.yakimov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 11:37:58 CET 2012

> Evgeny Yakimov wrote
> >
> > the effect I see seems to be a kinda
> > sticky blocks which move about until a future frame corrects them,
> >
> Seems, you've understood me.
> A car moves, then jumps back to original location, then jumps a little bit
> further, then again jumps back to the original location, etc.

Yep let me clarify, The affect you are referring to (which I later describe
as frame flickering) I have never experienced due to packet loss, When I
experience packet loss (or corruption) I only ever get this
smudging/blurring affect which I can only presume is a result of block

I have only ever experienced the flickering type of affect that you are
referring to when I mixed up dts and pts (however this would always be
happening, not just in instances of packet loss), or occasionally when I
miss-use some ring buffers.

But again, this is just my personal experience with the multi threaded h264
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