[libav-api] Another basic questions about h264 decoding.

Evgeny Yakimov john.yakimov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 08:37:07 CET 2012

> My assumption is that the h264 decoder, either software, or hardware, can't
> decode some frames beacuse of missing critical data, and hence can't use
> these frames as references. Then it silently uses earlier frames, when
> needs
> references.
> Am I right?
> And if yes, can this feature be tuned, so that user doesn't observe such
> flickering and jumping, and observe something else, for example, garbage :)
> ?
>From my experience, the h264 decoder handles dropped frames by firstly,
(not displaying them , duh ^^) and for any frames that reference blocks
from the lost frames, the blocks are replaced with alternative content ( I
think it chooses an earlier block which references the same location), I
never encounter frame flickering, the affect I see seems to be a kinda
sticky blocks which move about until a future frame corrects them, and also
you will see frame stumbelling (freezing) as the lost frames are not

The only time I've ever encountered flickering (jumping between frames out
of order) was when I got the pts wrong and by accident used dts.

(this is my own experience, maybe best to wait and hear what the devs have
to say)
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