[libav-api] Convert char* to int16_t* for use in get_audio_frame() in output-example2.c

Josiah Bryan josiahbryan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 22:42:00 CEST 2012

Hey all -

I'm trying to interface the code found in output-example2.c with the Qt
library and it's audio input class.

I've got the Qt side of the code feeding audio data (44100 freq, 1 chan, 16
bit samples) into a buffer that's basically a char* array (a QByteArray if
anyone cares.)

I've having trouble converting the data from the char* array (which I know
is 16bit audio data) into the int16_t* pointer passed to get_audio_frame().
Function signature below as a refresher:

static void get_audio_frame(int16_t *samples, int frame_size, int

Basically, what I've done so far is:

QByteArray byteArray; // defined elsewhere in the code...

char *bufferFromQt = byteArray.data();
int sizeOfBufferFromQt = byteArray.size();

// I'm sure there's better/smarter ways of finding bytesToCopy...
int bytesToCopy = qMin(frame_size*2, sizeOfBufferFromQt);

// This is where the problem is...right? What should I do here?
memcpy(samples, bufferFromQt, bytesToCopy);

I can provide a sample .wav/.avi file encoded with the code from
output-example2.c and the Qt audio recording code if anyone cares, but it
basically sounds like a bunch of static punctured by small bouts of

I also tried (obviously a hacked version of the original sine-wave audio
generator code):

              int dCounter=0, sz = sizeOfBufferFromQt;
              char *data = bufferFromQt;
              int j, i, v;
              int16_t *q = samples;
    for(j=0;j<frame_size;j++) {
        //v = (int)(sin(t) * 10000);
        v = 0;

        if(dCounter < sz - 2)
            memcpy(&v, data, 2);
            *data += 2;
            dCounter += 2;

        for(i = 0; i < nb_channels; i++)
            *q++ = v;
        t += tincr;
        tincr += tincr2;

That version didn't do any good either - same basic audio output
(mores-code static) - nothing like what it should sound like.

I'm sure I'm not converting from char* to int16_t* right somehwere - but I
can't figure out how. Any advice?


Josiah Bryan
josiahbryan at gmail.com
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