[libav-api] h.264 avcodec_decode_video2

Stefan Lederer ledererstefan at gmx.at
Sat Oct 15 16:08:25 CEST 2011


Sorry for my late reply. 

> > You can have a look at the applehttp demuxer which also deals with
> the applehttp uses mpegts iirc.

Yes, Apple uses MPEG-TS for their dynamic straming. So it's not useful for
my problem. 

> moof atoms from adob f4v files (isom with a quite specific usage of
> moof
> and editlists) looks not fully supported.

But my segmented mp4 file works without a problem when I open it with
av_open_input_file. So segmented mp4 (in the DASH version) is supported. 

I only get a problem when I use a ByteIOContext to read to file (I use a
static read function). I do this, because I've build my own DASH (dynamic
streaming over http client - the new mpeg standard) and therefore I need the
ByteIOContenxt. But at the moment I just read the local file to fix this

Using the ByteIOContext, I can read and decode the first frames (48 frames I
my case) until I read the next segment (with new moof and mdat box). Then
av_read_frame returns -32. I already set myByteIOCtx.eof_reached to 0, but
it changes nothing. And as I mentioned, the same file works without a
problem when I use av_open_input_file instead of the ByteIOContext.

Where can I find the return value description of av_read_frame? What error
is -32? 

Thx for help!

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