[libav-api] Opening and Decoding UDP MpegTS

Evgeny Yakimov john.yakimov at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 10:39:12 CET 2011

> Try to run the code in valgrind. If it is memory corruption it will spot
> it quickly.
> Btw if you are using udp make sure you set the system buffers to be large
> enough.
Hey Luca

After a bit more looking around, I think I pinpointed the problem.

Unfortunately Valgrind did not show the memory leak, because it runs a lot
slower and in-fact cant run this live. I think the problem is that libav
does performs some sort of buffer overflow If the input stream is not
processed quickly enough. I was able to replicate this behaviour with the
following code:

Line 135 being the main culprit

It seems that If you take too long between your av_open_file and your
av_frame_read (and potentially something to do with the find_stream_info) I
guess some buffer overflow occurs which starts messing up everything else.
In the meantime I have fixed this by opening the stream once to query it
for input details, closing it, then setting up all my output stuff which
takes 3-10 seconds, and then again re-openning the stream and reading
it immediately.

Perhaps this could be fixed by increasing the buffer size? If so, Is there
anyway I could manually force a larger buffer size for the input?
To set the scene a little, I'm dealing with a 10Mbit mpegts stream, and
this gap between the open and the read can be up to 10 seconds.
So perhaps something like 20Mbyte may be needed.

On a final note, I have already increased my system UDP buffer to 50Meg +

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