[libav-api] problem with RTP and real time

Irwin Lourtet i.lourtet at gmail.com
Wed May 18 11:07:43 CEST 2011


I am developping a program which allows to send a mpeg-ts over rtp stream. I 
would like to know if libav has an option to send packet over rtp at the time 
it must be displayed. Because now I read packet and I send them when they are 
ready, for example I send a  55s video in 30s. So I would like to send this 
video in 55s. If I am not enough clear I would be please to give you more 

I have got another problem which I think is linked with the previous one. I 
send the video over rtp with my program based on libav, and I receive the 
video with vlc. So my problem is when I send the video in 320*240 there is no 
problem, but more the resolution increase, less I can receive with vlc. For 
example when I take the higher resolution of my video ( 1920*1080) I could 
only see one frame, and if I want to see other one I have to stop and play 
again vlc. It is really strange.

Thanks by advance for your help,
Irwin Lourtet
Ingénieur ESTIA 2011 MPA
Master Cranfield University, Software Technics, DSIP (Digital Signal and Image 

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