[libav-api] How do I stream in real time a series of images in a c++ program as an encoded video across a network?

Rusty Weber teancumruss at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 17 20:46:58 CET 2011

OK... This is a very not so often asked question...  Here's the
situation.  I have a program that is getting data from a set of cameras, one
at a time, and then doing some image processing and computer vision.
However, I need to figure out how to take the processed images and stream
them over the network to another computer running an application that does
some more processing.....  We have the network set up, that was easy to do,
I just need to figure out how to encode the images so that I end up with the
bytes that are to be sent across the network and not just raw data, I also
need to know how to receive the data in a manner that I can decode the sent
bytes, on the spot without writing it to a file, back into an image for
further processing.  Using FFmpeg's server is not an option because we will
be using several cameras that we need to switch through dynamically and
process differently, remember that we have to do some image processing on
them before we send the data over and not use the actual camera feed.  We
need to do this in the actual c++ code, any thing that you guys could give
me in guidance would surely be apreciated... 

once again, I would like to iterate, we have a network and can send data 
inbetween the desired machines.  This is more of a problem of figuring out what 
bytes to send, and then decoding them back into an image on the other side.


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