[libav-api] libav and encryption

Vadim Gusev ubuntolog at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 19:31:45 CEST 2011

Hi there. I'm wondering if it's possible to find solution for situation i'm
in right now. I need to modify existing app, that uses ffmpeg to
decode/encode video so it will work with encrypted files.
Basically i have encrypted video file, that i need to process, transcode and
encrypt output stream. The goal is to not to store decrypted file but
decrypt, transcode and encrypt on the fly.
File is encrypted with twofish cipher. The main problem i see is: packets
size differs so i can not know how much should i decrypt and supply to libav
on each iteraton.
So the question is how to deal with situation where input file is not
actually a video file that can be supplied directly to libav, but should be
pre-processed (decrypted in my case) and it can't be pre-processed at once
In other words, can I create sort of pipe which looks like: "read input file
| decrypt | decode | process | encode | write output file".

Thanks in advance.
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