[libav-api] Resolution Change

Luca Barbato lu_zero at gentoo.org
Sun Apr 24 18:47:37 CEST 2011

On 4/24/11 3:31 PM, Stefan Lederer wrote:
> No, DASH (dynamic streaming over http) uses the first approach. In my case
> I've created an initialization segment and several video segments which are
> send to the demuxer like a uniform bitstream. See below.

It should fall in the second case. One of the usage of segmented stream 
is browser out of box compatibility (using a sprinkle of javascript to 
parse and manage the actual playlist), for mpegts-applehttp I don't care 
much since it is

> If you need more information about the mp4 boxes used in DASH you could have
> a look at [3]. Unfortunately the standard is not finished yet, so there may
> are some unclear parts...

Would be great having it as plaintext document (see rfc).

> I've concatenated the segments in [1] to one mp4 file [2]. This file
> consists of one initialization segment, two segments of about 2 sec. at
> QCIF, and 2 segments of about 2 sec. of CIF video.
> I've now tested this file using "ffplay foreman_concat.MP4" (which is the
> file in [2]) and got the same problems like in VLC with my plugin.

I see, probably we could move the discussion on irc (#libav-devel) since 
looks like this system might need some changes or should managed as 


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